Artificial Lift


In the current environment of low oil prices, operators are under tremendous pressure to reduce production costs and improve production.

The only sustainable option for operators is to introduce new technologies that increase efficiency, improve reliability and lower initial & operating costs.

Delta Engineering & Oilfield Services meet this challenge by providing innovative technical solutions that protect and enhance artificial lift system performance.

Our association with Oildynamics GmbH offer products that are designed specifically to operate in hostile environments that include high gas and high solids. They also provide greater efficiencies in more benign conditions, reducing overall electricity usage.

The net impact of Oildynamics GmbH Artificial Lift Systems is higher environmental and economic sustainability for our customers.

Experienced exploration team using advanced processing technology to:

Your key advantages

- Short delivery times: thanks to off-the-shelf components and pre-engineered design
- Tough and proven solution: large array of installations worldwide both, on-shore and off-shore
- Stress resistant technology: stable within harsh conditions with individual upgrades
- Tailor-made system: precisely customized for your needs
- Flexible head generation: multistage pump design allowing for any required combination of head and flow

Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP)


Built to survive ESP systems

We provide ESP systems better than the rest, because we know they have to perform in hostile environments, and under the toughest conditions.
The result? 100%-reliable, best-in-class-systems, made in Germany, that ease your work and help you to produce more energy. They come with a legendary service to rely on. Turnkey is the key to your success
ESP systems are the main artery of water production from deep lying aquifers.

Flow rates in water applications are demanding. Therefore, our ESP systems come with a variety of specific speed designs that perfectly match your requirements in terms of pressure and production. The ESP can be installed in almost any production well regardless of depth, well inclination and operational conditions. Due to its flexible design with a large variety of technology upgrades like induction and permanent magnet motors,