Wireline Equipment Services

DELTA offers a complete and broad range of the highest quality wireline equipment and services for the oil and gas industry, including:

  • Industry Standard oil well logging tools. All our tools are powered by computerized systems> Our tools can work with tough and high temperature conditions.
  • Latest Technological logging tools for groundwater, mineral and geotechnical applications, including our slim hole tools.
  • Rock and fluid sampling Equipment.
  • Mud logging tools and units.
  • Miscellaneous logging tools such as QUARTZ pressure and temperature gauges.
  • Pipe and rig inspection and testing services.
  • Casing and Tubing Cutters & Tools.
  • Logistics, Maintenance & Research Wireline Services

Wireline Services

Our experienced wireline crews use the latest tools to help partners achieve maximum lifetime production from wells.

  • Tubing and hollow carrier gun systems
  • Multiple detonation systems
  • Well integrity services
  • Leak detection services
  • Pipe recovery services
  • Completion, intervention and abandonment services
  • Production logging services, interpretation and analysis
  • Downhole sampling and video production
  • Pulse neutron surveys

Wireline Equipment Tools

DELTA provides a wide range of Wireline Equipment Tools, in various areas, including Logging, Slickline, Line Marking, and Others. Examples include: Analog Panels, Tension Devices, Backup Display Panels, Hole Measuring Heads, Intensifiers, Marking Systems, Slickline Spooling Base Mounts, Braided Line Measuring Heads, Winch Operator's Slickline, Intercom Systems, Alcohol Drip Systems, and many more (Contact Us for a Complete List).