Our Tubular Services help minimizing wellsite risk and reducing nonproductive time
We provide Tubular Running Services (TRS) operated by highly trained personnel focused on safety, quality, efficiency and well integrity
DELTA tubular running services facilities safe and efficient running of tubular, minimizing wellsite risk and reducing nonproductive time. As one of the casing / tubing running company in the world, we offer an extensive selection of advanced mechanized tubular running equipment.

Our Services

Tubular Running Services offered include:

- Supplying casing and tubing equipment covering all sizes from 2 3/8” to 32”
- Providing bucking service making up tubing hangers, float collars and float shoes
- Supplying casing accessories
-Equipment and Resources
- Power tongs
- Fill-up tools
-Handling tools
-Torque/turn monitoring system
-Dual tubing power tongs and handling tools
-Chrome casing/tubing handling tools
-Hydraulic power units
-Bucking units
-Casing centralizers
-Torque and drag reducers
-Stop collars
-Float shoes
All enquiries are welcome

Power Tongs


Drill Pipe Tongs are designed to allow for the quick and safe running or your drill pipe. These tongs are available in Different sizes.
Casing Tong designs are available to deal with high-torque casing, lightweight casing, for continuous output torque and the unique gated-rotary design. Size ranges available to meet your casing needs.
Tubing Tongs have been designed for rugged use and reliable performance- even at the higher torque required to break premium connections.
Our two-speed, sealed planetary gear transmission assures you dependability with minimal maintenance


Hydraulic Power Units

Electric-or diesel-power units are available to provide a reliable power source for a wide range of hydraulic requirements, including all onshore and offshore applications. Our power units can used to power everything from a single piece of equipment to a complete rig-system solution. Delta power units are available in standard or custom Designed configurations and are generally skid mounted.

Handling Tools

DELTA provides a variety of handling tools to increase efficiency while eliminating dangerous rig-floor operations. Bucking Unit Our two-speed, sealed planetary gear transmission assures you dependability with minimal maintenance.