Our mission at Delta has always been to serve as an industry-leading provider of and well testing. That's why we use only the very best equipment, procedures, and expertly trained personnel. This ensures that we can deliver both efficient and cost-effective results, while maintaining the highest standards in safety and client satisfaction. That is the Delta Management & staff commitment.

Our supervisors have over 35 years of combined experience in well site supervision, while our senior team has handled jobs throughout the many oil and gas fields in MENA & ECAF. We recognize that each of these areas comes with a unique set of operating demands. Our seasoned professionals have used their understanding of those demands to assemble a superior fleet of test separators,manifolds, and allied equipment that is perfectly suited to every site environment and also meets the exacting requirements of its operators.
When it comes to flow-back services and well testing, if quality, dependability, and know-how is at the top of your list, then Delta Services are the obvious choice.

DELTA provides the following the well testing servies:
- Exploration testing services
- Cleanup of well construction
- Well unloading services
- Inline well testing services DELTA Surface Well Team provide solution for:
1- Extensive Well tests
2- Limited flow tests
3- Flow rate tests


  • • Digital Gas measurements
  • • Digital fluid measurements
  • • Gravity monitoring
  • • Chloride readings
  • • Real-time logging and reporting
  • • Low emission capabilities
  • • Hydraulic choke equipment and services
  • • Alarm Systems
  • • Research and Analysis