Having combined our highly competent crews, strong equipment bases and experience gained while executing a variety of projects,
we are able to provide a full slate of onshore drilling services to the oil & gas upstream industry.​

Our Services

  • Developing and supplying drilling fluids systems both for drilling and workover activities
  • Capable of delivering water&oil based fluids according to requirements also for HPHT and sour gases environments
  • Well trained and experienced staff with great skills to run Solids Control Equipment (e.g. barite recovery, flocculation, letc.)
  • RIG PARTS AND Performing tests on new mud additives together with elaborating of mud systems
  • Continous checking of mud chemicals quality 24 / 7
  • Mobility and availability for onsite laboratory services
  • Consulting and advising -Flexibility to fit Clients requirements -Mobile Evaporators System as an enviromental solution for high salinity wastes
  • Supervision of solid control system on rig site
  • Supervision of drilling fluid cleaning system
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