Workover Services

DELTA has its remarkable wide range capacity of Workover Rigs from 500HP to 1500HP

DELTA Workover Rigs at Calvalley Block 9 Oilfield in the Republic of Yemen.
DELTA can easily operate and adapt to various climatic and weather condition
DELTA Workover Rig at DUBLIN Petroleum Tishreen Oilfield in Arab Republic Syria

Mud Engineering Services

We provide many mud engineering servies such as: Oil Systems, Dispersed Water. Polymer Systems, Silicate Systems.

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Mud Logging

Detailed cuttings analysis and gas detection can be expanded to include reservoir evaluation services that reduce the guesswork inherent in drilling and completing oil and gas wells, and drilling optimization services that minimize unexpected events and wellsite risk.
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Core Analysis

At DELTA we believe that quality of data produced is strongly dependent on samples quality, so it’s one of Datalog missions to ensure optimum core sample catching on site, logging, preservation, stabilization and safe transportation; well site core services
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DELTA offers wide range of petrographic analysis which are essential for core analysis data interpretation, better reservoir characterization understandings rock digenesis and full basin and depositional environment studies

Production Testing Services

DELTA provides all aspects of surface production testing services.
We provide front-end engineering and design.
We also Provide full scope of surface well testing.
Our Equipments can provide early production testing.
We also provide sand production management, and flowback services.

Well Testing Services

DELTA provides the necessary reliable expertise and equipment for well testing phases.
Our Services include:

  • Well test design and analysis services
  • Optimize well performance
  • Management of Fracture Flowback
  • Extended Well Testing
  • Well Cleanup and Unloading
  • Real-Time Data Acquisition

Coiled Tubing Services

Solvent injection
Nitrogen lifting
Acid wash


Stimulation Services

We provide many solutions such as Acid Injection, Manual Stimulation, and Hydraulic Fracturing.

Artificial Lift

We have many methods and montioring equipments to control Artificial Lifting of Wells, We use Electric Submersible pumps.


With our technology and new equipments, we provide high quality metal components designed to acheive fabrication requirements. Our fabrications equipments provide production of pipelines, hollow sections, platforms, beams, girders, custom-fitted metal elements, pressure vessels and heat exchangers

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Electrical Wireline Serivces

We provide Electical Wireline solutions for collection of data about Wells and other e-wireline serivces.
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We provide lab to support our operations. Our lab equipments help in the Routine Core Analysis, Special Core Analysis, and Geochemical Core Analysis
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Tubulars Accessory Supplies

We provide various tubular accessories, and wide range of parts for immidiate replacement