Our Machine Shop

Our Machine Shop

DELTA, machine workshop built and equipped with all the necessary machines to be prepared to fabricate any required tools for Oilfield Equipments Operations.

Also DELTA machine workshop has all facilities to cut and rethreads drilling pipe and production tubing tool joints with high accuracy machining according to international oilfield standards: (API / BS/ DIN)


Re-Threading Facilities

Delta provides professional CNC milling, drilling, boring, and reaming CNC lathe work, manual milling and lathe work, sawing, grinding, welding and assembly work.


  • • Open-hole, cased-hole and rental tools and services single-trip whipstocks/casing exit systems
  • • Packer services
  • • Fishing jar services
  • • Cutting/milling services
  • • Motors
  • • Power swivels
  • • Triplex pumps
  • • Reverse packages
  • • Foam units

  • • Thread repair
  • • Connection repairs
  • • Drill pipe, Drill collars, Heavy weight drill pipe
  • • API and premium tubing and casing, Work string tubing
  • • Mod Acme, Pup joints, Subs
  • • Stabilizers, Kellys, Specialist & fishing tools
  • • Sub manufacturing
  • • Standpipe and manifold fittings